Sep 11, 2019

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INTEVIO – Voice Alarm Made Simple!

INTEVIO is an innovative, EN54-16 approved, Public Address and Voice Alarm solution for small and mid-size buildings.
INTEVIO is a compact and cost efficient system that adapts to your needs and is easy to use.
Learn more about INTEVIO’S benefits and applications at our webinar:

Thursday, November 15, 2019
02:00:00 PM CEST-03:00:00 PM CEST


  1. Important Features of INTEVIO
  2. Management Software of INTEVIO
  3. How to commission INTEVIO
  4. Application for INTEVIO
  5. When to use INTEVIO or VARIODYN D1
  6. Q&A Session

The Webinar will be held in English!

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